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Buddhapadipa Temple Merton

Buddhapadipa Temple

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To the north-west of Deepdale lies a serpentine lake that was part of the C18th landscape designed by landscape gardener 'Capability' Brown for Earl Spencer of Wimbledon House, where he worked in 1767 and 1768. The major part of his landscape has been covered by housing developments of the C19th and C20th and what remains of the lake is now within the grounds of the Buddhapadipa Temple, a Thai style Buddhist monastery, which include the ornamental lake, small grove of trees, flower garden and orchard.
Previous / Other name: Deepdale
Site location: 14 Calonne Road, Wimbledon
Postcode: SW19 5HJ
Type of site: Garden Feature Remnants 
Date(s): 1767
Designer(s): Lancelot 'Capability' Brown
Listed structures:
Borough: Merton
Site ownership: The Buddhapadipa Temple
Site management: The Dhammaduta (group of Thai Buddhist missionary monks)
Open to public? Occasionally
Opening times: including for Open House
Special conditions:
Public transport: Rail/Tube: Wimbledon then bus. Bus: 93
The information shown above was correct at the time of the last update 01/09/2006
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Fuller information:

This represents a remnant of one of the old estates lying between Wimbledon Common Parkside and Wimbledon Village, retaining much mature woodland and shrubbery, large pond and grassland that is the Buddhapadipa Temple and monastery setting now. Old maps show the northern fork of Wimbledon Park Brook originating in this area and a series of large ponds developed in the grounds of Alberton Grange, later Atherton Grange, in the mid C19th. The largest of these ponds was in the area of the present-day Parkside Avenue, Margin Drive and Deepdale, and the present pond in the Temple Grounds is a northern remnant of these. The small wood is a survival of more extensive planting that is shown on late C19th maps. The house on the present site was not built until the early C20th. The Shrine Hall of the monastery was built in 1979 and inaugurated on 31 October 1982 by Her Royal Highness Princess Kalyani Vaddhana, a sister of the King of Thailand; it was designed by Thai architect Praves Limparangsri. The Temple was built in 1980. The Temple Grounds are open to the public at festival times, Soangkran in April, and Loy-kratong in November.

Sources consulted:

Ref: Stroud; Ian Yarham, Dave Dawson, Martin Boyle, Rebecca Holliday 'Nature Conservation in Merton' Ecology Handbook 29, London Ecology Unit 1998 p88/89
Grid ref: TQ238717
Size in hectares: c.1.5
On EH National Register : No
EH grade :
Site on EH Heritage at Risk list:
Registered common or village green
on Commons Registration Act 1965:
Protected under London Squares
Preservation Act 1931:
The information below is taken from the relevant Local Authority's planning legislation, which was correct at the time of research but may have been amended in the interim. Please check with the Local Authority for latest planning information.
On Local List:
In Conservation Area: No
Conservation Area name:
Tree Preservation Order: Not known
Nature Conservation Area: Yes - Borough II (see note above)
Green Belt: No
Metropolitan Open Land: No
Special Policy Area: No
Other LA designation:

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